Have You Tried Pickleball Yet?

I love pickleball but I’m not very good. We only started playing last year when it seemed courts were popping up all over our town. Penn is a tennis player so he assumed pickleball would be a sport he picked up in retirement … WRONG. 

We played for the first time and we were hooked. 

I mean, after only a brief introduction to the sport we made this original song called Pickleball, Y’all documenting the occasion. Personally, I feel like the best part of the sport is how quickly you can feel like you’re experiencing success. And even though Penn and I are at completely different skill levels, we can still play together and have a really great time. If you’ve never tried it, the game is very easy to learn and it’s fast to play (unlike something like golf that might take all day). 

Also, from what I’ve experienced, the pickleball community in itself is such a joy. I’m willing to bet if you showed up to one of the (likely crowded) pickleball courts in your community, someone there would swoop you right in and help you get started. 

Professional Pickleballers 

Even since we made that first video, pickleball continues to explode in popularity everywhere. Our kids are even playing pickleball in their gym classes now. Whether this is your first time hearing of the sport or you are a die-hard fan, you might appreciate our 5 Stages of Pickleball video we recently made. However, I think we might need to add a new, 6th stage to our list – the Pickleball Professionals. 

Yes, there are professional pickleball players and tournaments all over the world. On our podcast this week, we interviewed one of the top pickleball professionals, Leigh Waters. What’s especially interesting about Leigh, is that she is on a doubles team that ranks as the #1 Women’s Doubles Team in the WORLD, and her partner is her teenage daughter. Together Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters are taking the pickleball world by storm, all while managing to keep an amazing mother-daughter relationship on and off the court. 

You can listen to our whole conversation at any of the links below. Be forewarned that after listening to the conversation you may find yourself considering signing-up for the upcoming pickleball tournament in your area. Are Penn and I really going to play in a tournament here in Raleigh next year?! 

If you are interested in learning more, you can follow Leigh and Anna Leigh Waters on their PPA Tour. I suppose this isn’t a retirement sport after all. 

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