| Nov 2018

How to Disagree Gracefully

Holderness Family Thanksgiving

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Our friend, Christopher, made a really good point recently. Thanks to the new format of most news programs these days (more opinions, fewer facts and less arguing), and the comment-heavy format of social media, our society has become more argumentative. It has profoundly changed the way we interact as a society. With any change, there are pros and cons. It’s great that we can be more open and honest with each other, but when our baseline emotion is to argue, it can cause a lot of stress between family and friends.

With the holidays in full gear and tense conversations bound to happen, we called for backup. Christopher Edmonston is a pastor, marriage counselor, and knower of things. You may remember him from one of our popular podcasts, Stay in Cleveland. On this podcast, he gives us cues and language to use when/if someone at the table says something triggering.

Christopher teaches us how to better understand why someone feels so differently than we do. He also discusses how we can learn and have a productive conversation without insults. He provides a script you can write down and take with you to your next holiday gathering.

Our hope is that we can share a meal and remember why we like each other. What we see on TV is quite polarizing, but in reality, we have more in common with one another than we know. Give it a listen then let us know your thoughts on social media or join our private Facebook Podcast Group.

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