If Apple Watch Goals Were Realistic

Is it just me or do those rings on your Apple watch really motivate you to get stuff done? I mean, if it’s 10:00 pm and I still need to stand up one more time, then I will actually get out of bed and stand up for 3 minutes just to get that ring closed on my watch for the day. Hear me out, can Apple add some of those motivating circles for some real-life chores that need to get done? I could really use a special badge or a firework celebration for things I do every day that go unnoticed or that I really dread doing. 

Here is what I am thinking…

Doing the Dishes

“You can do it!” You’ve unloaded the dishwasher twice today, you get a bonus badge! Did you scrub the two-day-old gunk off that baking dish? TRIPLE BONUS! 

Listening to My Son Talk about Roblox

I’m really working to understand this part of the gaming universe but my 40-something brain cannot grasp this world. You listened to the explanation of a complicated “server” for 12 minutes? You closed a ring!

Driving my Kids 

“Congratulations!” You successfully drove your kids to activities today for a total of 200 minutes in the car. We did notice your pulse rate went above normal during this time. 

Only Buying What Is On My Shopping List 

“You haven’t closed this circle in 3 weeks.” Goal challenge for the month: only buy what is on your shopping list at Target one time this month. If you can complete this challenge, you can buy yourself a Starbucks. 

Folding Laundry 

“Almost there!” You have folded 2 baskets of laundry. Fold 3 more baskets to complete your circle. You are on track to break your monthly record of folding 136 baskets of laundry. 

Meal Planning 

“We noticed you haven’t gotten very far on this circle yet today.” You need to plan 6 dinners this week and we see that you have only planned 1. Even though it is going through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru, we are letting that count. Try to plan 5 more meals and we will make something super sparkly on your watch. 

Letting Your Dog In and Out 

“Great job!” You opened the back door to let your dog in and out every time she asked today for a total of 28 times. That beats your previous record of 26 times in one day. Give your dog a treat to celebrate. 

What tasks do you wish your Apple watch would track for you? Tell me in the comments. 

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