| Sep 2018

Just show up.

holderness kids podcast

Even if you don’t know how.

I have a confession. I read 43827 books on what to expect when pregnant.  I was fully prepared (but still shocked) when giving birth. But, I haven’t had a minute to read a book on how to actual parent these children they let me take home from the hospital. Seriously. Who decided we were responsible enough to be parents of humans? I naively thought, “Once I get them potty-trained we’re set!” (I’ll wait until you’re done laughing). I’m learning the bigger the kids, the bigger the problems. Problems like the soul-crushing experience of watching your kid get DOMINATED out on the field, failed a test, and struggle with friendships. Listen, I know it’s good for them. None of us can float through life unchecked. So how do you show up? What do you say? What do you do when your kids faces disappointment?

It’s a good thing I have fancy friends. One this week’s podcast, we had one of my dearest friends (ahem.. Harvard educated) to talk about how to support your kids in the face of rejection.

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