| Nov 2018

What Happened When Kim Turned to Natural Deodorant

Holderness Family Deodorant

From the beauty counter of Kim…

I recently went on a mission to find an effective natural deodorant, because what we put on our skin, well, it goes in our bodies. I’m not hating on the usual stuff, but I’m working on cleaning up my beauty routine, so I put seven deodorants to the sweat test. I tried a new product each day and worked up a big, nasty sweat. The best part? I made Penn sniff my pits for a real, honest review.

Here’s the products I rolled, wiped and slapped on (they link to Amazon if you’d like to give ‘em a try, too!):

The Deodorant Diaries

There were a couple products that really fit the B.O. bill. I really loved AC Nature Lavender Natural. The packaging, scent and stink control was the best of the bunch. I also really liked Kopari and Green Tiding.

While there are no losers in this game (I love that they are all trying to provide healthier, vegan and cruelty-free versions of deodorant), there were a couple brands that didn’t work for me. Everyone is different and our bodies are react to products differently. I suggest you watch the video for more details and give some a try to see if they work for you. Good luck, sweaty friends!

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