Leaning Into Fall Decor… HARD

After the strangest summer of my life (and quite possibly the strangest year) I am looking for anything new to get excited about. It might be 90 degrees outside, but I saw one single leaf change color this weekend and decided fall is NOW. I am ready to lean into autumn decor and Halloween HARD. I’m swapping my t-shirts for flannels and my flip flops for boots. I really don’t care if I am dripping in sweat. Pumpkins make everything better right? Fall will fix it.

All The Pumpkin Decor

Usually I wait until closer to October to start decorating for fall. August is usually so busy that by the time September hits I need a little time. Well now, we seem to have all the time in the WORLD so why not start early? If you are ready for fall too, join me so I don’t feel completely crazy. Grab your Pumpkin Spice latte, queue up Hocus Pocus, and check out what I am eyeing on Amazon:

Golden Gourds

Sometimes orange just isn’t vibing with your home decor. For that, I give you gold and white pumpkins. It’s fall with a touch of fancy.

Sconce It Up

I am swooning over these mason jar sconces, perfect for the porch. They are LED and battery operated with an automatic shut off. No outlet needed!

Faux Flames

I love the look of candlelight, but I usually only light one at a time or else I get a little nervous. These faux flickering candles that look like birch wood are beautiful.

Fun Throw Covers

I love this set of four throw pillow covers that take you from September all the way until Thanksgiving. Bonus: There is an adorable Spring set too. Score.

Fall Sweet Fall

I love the look of this layered door mat to change it up outside. Depending if you have a porch or not, you can pair these with the throw pillows for a complete look!

Pumpkin for Puppies

If your dog has a fall birthday (or you just need a reason to celebrate your furry friend) you can make him or her a bone-shaped pumpkin cake!

It’s Halloween, Witches

We’re still not sure what Halloween will look like this year, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Check out these door signs guaranteed to make your neighbors laugh.

Pumpkin Everything?

We still have a lot of togetherness at our house, and we use this to keep the bathroom fresh. Looks like now you can make your pit stop smell like pumpkins too.

How are you making your home feel more like Fall?

Note: Some of the items in this blog include Amazon Affiliate and other links which earn a small commission.