Letting Your Voice Be Heard

When you live most of your life on a national stage, it’s hard for people to know the real you. As a professional athlete and brand ambassador, you get used to portraying a certain image. So when all of that ends, it can be strange navigating how to let people see the real you. (Especially when you decide to create content for the internet.) This week we talked to our friends, Andrew East and Shawn Johnson East, of the podcast Couple Things. Shawn Johnson East is an Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics, Dancing with the Stars Champion, and New York Times best-selling author. Andrew East is a free agent NFL long snapper who also appeared on America Ninja Warrior. Together they are raising two adorable kids and taking their followers along for the ride.

Advanced Marriaging 101

We touch on so many topics in our chat—how they met, youth sports, and life after your professional sports career. One area where we both can relate with each other is working with your spouse. When you are together 24/7, sometimes you just need an hour to yourself. We all share how to deal with the constant togetherness, including our advanced marriage tip that sometimes it’s ok to sleep in a separate bed once a week. You can learn more about Andrew & Shawn, including their tour info here.

We hope you enjoy this fun conversation – we know we did! 

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