My 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Sometimes Moms can be very hard to shop for (myself included.) It’s not that I’m picky, it’s that sometimes I don’t even make a list for Penn or my kids to go off of. In my experience, women we tend to put others first and rarely splurge on ourselves. So keep that in mind with your gifts this season.

Whether you are shopping for a mom, daughter, sister, aunt, or best friend, I promise I have a gift idea for you! Check out my gift ideas to upgrade their wardrobe, adding something to their home, or giving them the feeling of the spa: 

If I Can Wear It, I Want It

Geometric Earrings

These trendy, geometric earrings add a pop of fun to any outfit. I have a similar pair and I wear them with EVERYTHING. You can wear them to dress up jeans and t-shirt, or dress and heels for a fun night out!

Personalized Bar Bracelet

I love this simple, but pretty, personalized bracelet that would look great as a stack. You could get their name, a mantra/message, the name of their child, or their family’s initials. (The possibilities are seriously endless.) 

Mini Belt Bag

This is my go-to everyday bag to keep my keys, wallet, and phone. (Especially to the grocery store or running the kids to activities.) I have it in a few different colors and designs to coordinate with different outfits! 

Cozy Robe

I don’t know about you, but I really love to cuddle up in a robe at night. This soft robe is the right balance of warm and cozy without being too bulky. It has 400+ 5-star reviews praising its length and thickness.

Super Soft Leggings

There’s nothing like peeling off your jeans after a long day and changing into some good old “house pants.” These are my favorite buttery soft leggings for working out, lounging around the house, or secretly dressed up for a comfy pant day. 

Sports Earrings

You can get these cute earrings in a variety of sports to rep someone’s favorite activity from tennis to baseball. Your purchase also supports a small business (win-win!) 

Pickleball Bag

By now, you understand our relationship with pickleball. (Spoiler alert: We are obsessed.) If you’re already into the sport (or you’re looking to dedicate your life to it like us) this sports bag is great for carrying all your gear to the courts. 

Ugg Slippers

If you come over before 9am or after 5pm, I am rocking these for all seasons (I wish I was joking.) These comfy slippers were my absolute favorite gift from last Christmas. So much so, I’m probably in need of a new pair. 

Currently Adulting Sweatshirt

Want to feel cute while you’re adulting around town? Shop our store! This cropped sweatshirt pairs well with my favorite high-waisted jeans or leggings. I get compliments every time I wear it out. 

Ready For Spa Day

Face and Body Scrub

Created by a small business, this face and body scrub exfoliates, cleans, and energizes your skin (not to mention it has a really cute name.) It has been said to help with skin tone while smelling like peppermint, rosemary, and lavender. Yum. 

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Winter months can wreak havoc on my lips to the point where sometimes lip balm isn’t cutting it. This highly-rated lip mask soothes and moisturizes dry lips overnight. It’s a perfect add-on or small festive gift for a friend. 

Back & Shoulder Massager

Forget giving a one-time massage, this is the gift that keeps on giving! For anyone who carries a lot of tension in their upper back and shoulders, this heated back, neck, and shoulder massager provides stress relief after long days. (I promise they will thank you.) 

Facial Steamer

Bring the spa right to your own house with this facial steamer tool. Facial steamers unclog pores and offer better blood circulation. They can also leave you looking refreshed and rejuvenated when used 2-3x times per week.  

Vanity Makeup Mirror 

Brighten up her morning with this LED-lit makeup mirror. (Which also comes in fun colors.) It offers 3 magnification settings and an adjustable neck for different angles. Perfect for making your eye make-up flawless. 

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Buying for someone who lives in a cold climate or has a kid with winter sports? This 2-pack of rechargeable hand warmers is great to keep hands warmer than traditional gloves. They are also perfect for winter walks or ski trips! 

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Best Friend Personalized Mug

For your bestie or sister that lives far away, this adorable coffee mug is customizable for a sweet reminder of how much they mean to you. Picture a smile on their face each time they pour their morning cup of joe and think of you. 

Keurig Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Have someone with a home office or needing a way to make a quick pick-me-up? This single-serve coffee maker will definitely do the trick! It comes in a ton of cute colors too. Gift it with a box of her favorite flavor coffee pods (and maybe a fun mug!) 

Standing Desk Treadmill

It’s frustrating when you want to be more active, but you have desk job. Join in on the standing desk craze with this under-desk treadmill. Reviewers are putting upwards of 5 miles a day while they work their 9-to-5.

Hands-Free Dog Leash

Look we all want to be able to text and walk our dog at the same time. With this dog leash belt you can take your pooch around the block and still message your bestie. It comes with a zipper pouch to store poop bags, treats, keys, etc.

Vertical Mouse

As I age, my wrists seem to get extremely sore from a few hours of typing and clicking. This vertical mouse is life-changing for those with hand pain or carpal tunnel symptoms. (It’s also perfect for grandparents!)

Pickleball Paddles

Pickleball can be fun for both him or her! (We already established that Penn and I are obsessed.) This starter set with a super fun print is perfect for anyone looking to get into the fun. 

Feed These People Cookbook

I don’t know about you, but this new cookbook is on my list this year. I love a good recipe for feeding a crew. This would be perfect for someone with a larger family or who loves to entertain.

What gift item is calling your name this holiday season? Share in the comments and be sure to check out our other gift guides this year!


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