My 2023 Black Friday Gift Guide

I love shopping for the holidays, but there’s one thing I love more than getting the perfect gift: Getting the perfect gift on sale! While I don’t go out to shop on Black Friday, I typically find great deals online. So, we sifted through our 2023 Gift Guides to find you the best deals this Thanksgiving Weekend. Here are 25+ gifts for anyone on your list… on sale! 

Cup Holder Expander –  20% off

Some Yeti cups and larger water bottles don’t fit inside a regular cup holder. If you have someone who drives a lot for work or on road trips this cup holder expander is very thoughtful. 

Portable Speaker – 40% off

If you spend a lot of hours and weekends at sports games or hanging outside, a portable speaker is a must-have. Our kids take it with them as well to hang with friends. 


Mug Warmer – 51% off

Every woman I know who drinks coffee is constantly having to warm up their cup. (You have no idea how many times I’ve had to rewarm my coffee because I left it in the microwave and forgot about it!) Now you can keep your coffee hot and it has a little home – win, win! 

Cheese Board Set – 39% off

This Charcuterie Board and Platter Set is perfect for the person on your list who loves to host! I especially like how everything matches – this set will make a great spread for hosting a dinner party or an afternoon of football watching.

Holderness Family Shop – 20% off

We’ve got three new designs in our shop and everything is 20% off for Black Friday only! Pick up something for you or someone on your list. 

Travel Jewelry Case – 20% off

The one thing that I dislike about travel jewelry cases is that your necklaces get tangled! This travel case is super lux and has several holder options to keep your jewelry organized and tangle-free. 

Light Up Basketball – 44% off

I’m pretty sure if my son could play basketball all through the night, he totally would. However, I try to get him inside by sunset. This light-up basketball lets him practice a few more layups before dinnertime. (Improved performance on the court is not guaranteed.)

Sticker Printer – 33% off

Along with the friendship bracelet craze, today’s teens love to make their own stickers. This cool mini printer lets them print their own. Plus, it seems like a really useful study device for small diagrams or reminders.

AirPod Pros Case – 32% off

If you’ve got an artsy kid, they will want to show off their style on their phone and AirPod cases. This little ice cream case is the cutest and will hopefully be bright enough that no expensive electronics go missing!

Paint By Number Kit – 25% off

Most paint-by-number kits are complicated mountainscapes ala Bob Ross. These 8x10s are so adorable and the perfect gift for the artist in your life.

Knot Pillow – 18% off

What is it about a knot pillow that just elevates a room? It has no useful purpose but is so easy on the eyes. This one comes in over 20 colors and 3 different sizes. If your teen loves decorating their room, this is a no-brainer gift.

Bath Bomb Set – 40% Off

I know some tweens and teens who would love this bath bomb set, but can we be honest? I do too. There’s nothing like a lavender bath bomb in a hot bath on a cold day to warm up and relax. This set is highly rated as well! 

Shoulder Massager – 33% off

It’s amazing how much tension we hold in our shoulders. With how much we are on devices and computers, our shoulders need a spa day all of their own. This massager is a game changer to relaxation and breaking up that tension. 

Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder – 20% off

These electric grinders are great for customizing the coarseness and efficiency of seasoning your food. Plus they work by simply flipping them over, no buttons are needed! 

Pasta Strainer – 19% off

Most of us have a large coriander on hand, but for the days when you’re simply trying to crank out some mac and cheese, I love this option. This strainer clips onto the sides of your pot or pan, great for compact kitchens or busy chefs!

Ninja Creami – 13% off

There’s nothing more fun than making your own frozen treats! With the Ninja Creami, you can make your own ice cream, gelato, sorbet… the sky’s the limit. Customize it to your own dietary needs or favorite flavors. 

Mini Spatula Set – 20% off

One thing I always admire about being in the home of a seasoned cook is how they have a tool for everything. Serving brownies or getting cookies off a pan? Mini spatula. This set is a great gift for someone who loves to bake. 

Neck Reading Light – 37% off

Reading lights come in many shapes and sizes, but I quite enjoy this one that wraps around your neck. You can turn one or both sides on with 3 levels of brightness and 3 temperature modes. As opposed to a stationary book light, this neck light follows where your eyes are looking so the page is always illuminated. 

Universal Socket – 45% off

This is a perfect gift for the handyman or DIYer in your life. The universal socket will adjust to any size and shape to get the job done super fast. 

Car Cleaning Gel – 15% off

Ever hate not being able to get crumbs and gunk out of hard-to-reach spaces? This cleaning gel is great for cars and electronics for hard-to-clean spots.

Beaded Wristlet Keychain – 19% off

Everyone’s car keys get beat up after a while. This fresh beaded wristlet keychain is durable and useful to keep your keys close on your wrist. 

Rechargeable Handwarmers – 30% off

Those from up North are no stranger to hand warmers, but rechargeable ones? Now I know we are in the future. These are such a great gift to keep your loved one toasty.

Non-slip Slippers – 20% off

I love to wear house slippers that have a hard sole. That way I can wear them inside as well as to grab the mail or run an errand where I am staying in my car. These are cute, comfy, and non-slip for every activity!

Echo Dot Kids – 53% off 

My friend recommended this kid-friendly Echo Dot to me for a gift. Not only can it play music and set reminders, but your child can also play kid-friendly trivia. You can also drop into their room from another part of your house like an old-school intercom. 

Immersion Blender – 50% off 

If the cook you’re buying for doesn’t have an immersion blender, put it on the list! So great for eggs, soups, frothing… the list goes on and on. I love that you can easily store it too.

Capri Blue Volcano Candle  – 30% off

There is nothing classier than gifting this delicious candle of tropical fruits, sugared citrus, and lightly exotic mountain greens. It’s practically a vacation in a jar. 

Did you find a great deal this weekend? Tell us in the comments and shop the rest of our 2023 gift guides this holiday season! 

Note: Some of the items in this blog include Amazon Affiliate and other links which earn a small commission.