My 2023 Health & Beauty Gift Guide

Anyone else kinda mad that teens these days don’t go through an awkward phase anymore? They learn how to do their hair and makeup through YouTube tutorials. Half the time, I’m asking Lola for tips on skincare, make-up, and general self-care. Thank goodness this younger generation knows that being kind to yourself comes first. Here are 14 gifts that are great for you, your teen, or someone on your list that loves a spa day. 

Tartelette Eyeshadow Palette

When it comes to an eyeshadow palette that has it all in a small package, Tartelette is the way to go. These subtle shades of brown and pink are also perfect for that teen who is just jumping into the makeup game.

Revlon Hair Dryer & Styler

A hair dryer and brush in one? Revolutionary. This styler promises less time and less damage to get those luxurious waves you are looking for. I know several people who have one and swear by it. 

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask 

I know I’ve definitely talked about this lip sleeping mask before and that’s because I tell everyone I meet! I am obsessed. It hydrates like no other and now they’ve expanded to 5+ different “flavors.” This needs to go under the Christmas tree for anyone in your life who loves a little pampering. 

Kitsch Gold Open Shape Claw Clip

I’ve been told that claw clips are cool now. (Who remembers these from the 90s?) Lola said this is what everyone is wearing and I think this gold one by Kitsch is really beautiful. 

It Cosmetics Brush #7

Everyone talks about makeup but sometimes we tend to forget about the brushes. A bad brush can make or break a good face day. This brush by It Cosmetics is extra plush so you can quickly apply your foundation to larger areas for a beautiful airbrushed finish.

Jewelry Organizer 

If there is one thing I know about Gen Z, it’s that they love to accessorize. Help your teen keep all their earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more in check with this simple and cute 3-drawer organizer from Brightroom.

Rose Quartz Roller

If you haven’t been “influenced” yet to try a rose quartz roller, give it a go. Stick it in the fridge overnight and then enjoy the cool stone to roll all the wrinkles and puffiness away. I’ve added it to my morning ritual and it’s a perfect way to start the day.

Travel Accessory Organizer

Remember the days of throwing all your necklaces into a Ziploc bag and calling it a day? This folding travel organizer is not only cute but keeps all your accessories nice and neat through any bumpy flight or road trip.

Comfy PJs

An important part of letting your body know it is time for bed is to switch into a pair of pajamas. This cute pair from Nordstrom is extra soft but not too bulky if you are a hot sleeper. Plus, all the different design options are so cute. Maybe a cute gift on Christmas Eve for you and your teen to have matching PJs. (Results may vary.)

Cloud Slippers 

Don’t let the look scare you, these cloud slippers are king. They come in 20+ colors and are perfect for walking around the house or an at-home spa day.

Spa Headband

When you’re washing your face or doing a mask, there’s nothing worse than unintentionally getting your hair wet. This headband helps keep your locks at bay.

Skin Scrub

The winter can make your skin dry and flaky. A good body scrub will help keep your shins from being itchy and allow moisturizer to better absorb. This scrub has Vitamin C to help brighten and Alpha Hydroxy Acid helps unveil smooth skin.

Bath Bomb Set

I know some tweens and teens who would love this bath bomb set, but can we be honest? I do too. There’s nothing like a lavender bath bomb in a hot bath on a cold day to warm up and relax. This set is highly rated as well! 

Shoulder Massager

It’s amazing how much tension we hold in our shoulders. With how much we are on devices and computers, our shoulders need a spa day all of their own. This massager is a game changer to relaxation and breaking up that tension. 

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