My husband is lucky to be alive

I’m writing from the comfort of my home and not a jail cell. I feel like I can already call 2018 a win. I did not murder my husband — though I think I would have been acquitted by a jury of middle-aged women.

Here’s what happened: My husband decided to join me on my month of clean eating. I developed my own guidelines of foods I would avoid. The goal of this is to simply feel better. In January we are avoiding: gluten, dairy, added sugar (fruit is fine), and booze. Well, I’m avoiding alcohol. Penn still enjoys over-priced IPA on the weekends. So here’s the part when he almost died.

After a week, I’m already feeling better. My weird skin rash I always have on the backs of my arms has cleared up and I have more energy. I haven’t lost any of the extra 5 pounds I put on in December but that’s fine. It will come off eventually. I’m fine. Everything is fine. It’s fine. Then Penn walks in the room. He says, “Honey, I really need to start eating more. I need a cheeseburger or something. I’ve lost six pounds this week and I really don’t have weight to lose.”  In an instant, things were NOT fine.

I stood up. I took my cup of herbal tea and walked out of the room. I took a deep breath and practiced some meditations I learned on an app I downloaded last summer and used twice but still pay for.

I’m happy to report .. It’s fine. I’m still married and my husband is still un-murdered. I’m sticking with my month of clean eating and being patient with myself. As a family, we love to eat and we usually eat very well. We are active people and are more than a little obsessed with fitness. We will share, with great honesty, our process in all of this. We’d love to have you join in the conversation. Leave us a comment.

Many thanks and much love from not prison,