My Favorite Costco Finds

Let me admit something: I find Costco overwhelming. 

Don’t get me wrong. I love it, I mean … we just did an entire song and dance up and down the aisles but it can be a lot. 

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If I’m going to fight to find a parking spot and haul everything back to my car without bags, it needs to be a productive trip. Too many choices can be overwhelming to me so I tend to find comfort in my favorite finds. While everyone knows the wine is a great value, their book section is top notch (they carried ours), and their seasonal items are tempting (paddle boards anyone?) –these are the items that will always go in my cart at Costco. 

My Favorite Finds at Costco

  1. Siete Brand Almond Flour Tortillas: I love a breakfast burrito or a wrap for lunch. My body tends to operate better when I reduce gluten and these are a good option.  You can find these at Whole Foods but the size and price is better at Costco.
  2. Cauliflower Sandwich Thins: I toast these and top with egg, avocado, some tomatoes and seasoning for a quick lunch. Penn always chirps, “it’s cauliflower lying about being bread.” You are correct sir. It is not bread. It doesn’t hold up well enough for a true sandwich but I think they are delicious. 
  3. High Quality Meats: We try and select the highest quality meats when shopping, but it can get spendy. I find Costco has a great selection of grass-fed beef and organically raised chicken.
  4. Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon: Put on a bagel … or cauliflower thins, or salads, or just straight out of the package.     ::chef’s kiss::
  5. Clio, no added sugar, Yogurt Bars: I would rather eat a plate of brownies than a bag of chips. I don’t try to deny myself desserts, but I try (I try!) to look for sweet options without a ton of added sugar. The kids even like these little bars and they hit the spot!
  6. Primal Kitchen No Dairy Buffalo Sauce: I really like Primal brand products, but I’m working my way through this 3 pack of buffalo sauce right now. I’ve done buffalo cauliflower in the air fryer, along with a chicken salad, and of course … some wings. 
  7. Wild Pacific Sardines: Hear me out, sardines are amazing. When working with my functional medicine doctor, creator of WellBodyReset Dr. Harriett Hansell, she convinced me to trade canned tuna for wild sardines. They are a great source of Omega-3, lower mercury than other fish, rich in vitamin D, etc.  She gave me her recipe for a “Sardine Salad” (think your tuna salad but sub sardines) and it’s the perfect, easy lunch. 
  8. Trail Mix and Organic Nuts: I’m a sucker for some trail mix, even though I think I’ve only been on a “trail” once in my life. We don’t have a massive amount of room for food storage, so there are many Costco finds I have to skip simply for space issues. But I make room for trail mix. 
  9. Girl Scout Thin Mint Pretzels: Remember what I said about my sweet tooth? I don’t deny myself treats, but I try to moderate what comes into the house. These? Ugh. These are my husband’s favorites. Here’s the problem: He can have just one normal serving. Me? Well, I need at least 5 heaping handfuls before I can think about pumping the brakes. These aren’t an “every trip” indulgence but they appeared in the cart during our last trip. You’ve been warned. 
  10. Frozen Seafood and Meat: I love this wild caught shrimp and these grass fed burgers for quick weeknight meals. The shrimp thaw so quickly and the burgers can cook from frozen. I mean, these weeknight meals may not win awards but they are fed!

I am always looking for new “favorites” so let me know in the comments about yours!