| Jun 2020

Our Top 5 Mom Shorts

It’s that season again. Time for Mom Shorts! I love that when Penn and I put out a parody song about this a few years ago and he tried to tell me mom shorts “weren’t a thing.” Anyone that has had a child knows that all your pre-baby shorts have done 100% out the window. Cute cut-offs that were shorter than your fingertips don’t allow for enough movement. Now you have to be able to squat to pick up a kid or hold an endless amount of outdoor treasures. (Heaven forbid you lose their favorite rock.) 

Penn didn’t think they were a thing because he actually didn’t notice that they were looser or had more pockets than my shorts before. So to that I say, rock those mom shorts proudly! (It’s not like our partners know the difference anyway.) Here are some of my top pick mom shorts with a special emphasis on elastic waistbands because COVID. 

Athleta Trekkie North Short

The inseam on this short is a little higher, but the fabric and cut is loose. These shorts breathe well and the wide waistband is extra comfortable. They are great for a day outside or on a family hike!

Universal Thread High-Rise Pull-On Shorts

These are so great for bumming around the house. The elastic waistband is cute enough to tuck your shirt in too. Since they run big you might need to size down.

Zappos Gracie Pull-On Shorts

Sometimes you just need a cute Bermuda-length short in the summer. These are very similar to a pair that I own except they are pull-on… score!

Old Navy Distressed Jean Shorts

If you’re looking for a good jean short, this might be your match. The length is perfect and even though it has a traditional waistband, the fabric is super comfortable.

J.Crew Seaside Short in Linen Blend

These shorts come in tons of cute colors for summer. They are loose with deep front pockets and an elastic waistband. Great for dressing up, down, or hitting the beach if you are lucky enough to do so!

What are your go-to summer shorts? Tell me in the comments!

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