Penn’s Turn to Get Emotional

Penn Haywood Holderness

We’re going to be really honest with you, dear listener. We don’t want to do this podcast today. As much as we love this forum (it’s our favorite platform actually), we have some heavy stuff filling our heads this week. Penn’s dad is in the hospital and having surgery. 

We’re in this weird middle place of life: Taking care of parents and children. We’re trying to balance it all and, honestly, feel a little like we’re failing at times. 

We’ve talked about Penn’s dad on past episodes. Managing logistics and emotions with aging parents is a lot to cope with and we are feeling a little overwhelmed with knowing what to do. Anxiety, guilt and fear of the unknown are normal emotions that are definitely happening in our house.

When these moments in life happen, it is common to reflect on happier times. Penn walks us through memory lane that will surely conjure up your own childhood memories. We also distract ourselves with some fun topics, like podcast feedback, my recent Indigo Girls concert and peeing in troughs. Yep. Troughs. They are a thing, ladies, and they are not pretty.

Thanks for listening, and if you’re the praying type, please throw one up for Haywood Holderness.

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