Sorry Kids, You’re Stuck With Us

Our family just got back from a much-needed trip away together this week. We got to visit my family in Florida and take the kids to Disney World. While we were there, we got a compliment from a friend who told us, “I don’t think you realize how few families like each other as much as you guys do.” We’re not perfect, but the truth is that I love reconnecting with my family on trips together. When we are all stuck in a hotel room there’s no place to escape. We are forced to spend time together and entertain each other. (But then we get back from vacation, and of course, it’s back to reality.)

No matter how much we love each other, we still get into disagreements as every family does. Even though we wrote a book on how to fight better in a relationship, we didn’t talk about working on conflict within a family. Enter Lynda Cormier, our podcast guest for this week. She talked to us about her own experience with conflict and how to open your heart and your mouth at the same time.

Growing Together as a Family

In our conversation, Lynda told us that she believes families are like pinecones. Certain pinecones will only release seeds after they go through a fire. Sometimes families are only able to grow after they go through conflict together. Families should remember that they are a team. When dealing with conflict within your own family, it’s important to really listen and look at disagreements as a way to learn and grow together.

Listen for more about our trip and our conversation with Lynda!

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