Taking A Leap of Faith

I will admit, there are times my anxiety has kept me from taking risks. As some of you may know, I walk this life with anxiety and depression. Not that I need to validate, but to clarify for those who ALWAYS question, my anxiety isn’t the common “being nervous for a big event” type of feeling. A few times a year, I get these full-blown panic-can’t-breathe type of attacks. For me, it feels like someone is standing on my chest and I can actually hear my heartbeat.  It doesn’t happen all the time, but a couple of times a year they take me down. 

For me, these attacks don’t happen during a crisis. Typically, it’s the day or week after a big event. When the adrenaline drains and my brain says, “What the *%*# just happened?”

Pre-Flight Checklist

The fear of those panic attacks has kept me firmly planted on my couch at times in my life BUT I can look back with incredible pride at some of the leaps we’ve taken in our lives. (Dude, we make videos for a living. I mean, we quit real, actual jobs to do this.)

 In the podcast this week, Penn and I went on Instagram to ask you about a time you took a huge leap and also what holds you back. (And wow, some of you guys are so incredibly brave!) 

We share your answers as well as our “pre-flight checklist” of things that helped us take a leap (or things we wish we did.) Have you ever taken a leap of faith? What’s holding you back? 

Listen and let us know what you think! 

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