Things I’d Rather Do Than Taxes – Sponsored By TaxAct

Ahh, annual taxes… even with the dreaded April 15th deadline pushed back, I always seem to put it off. Though you may know me as someone who is pretty organized and definitely the OCD one in the family, I have a confession. Paperwork is my Kryptonite. Camp forms, medical history… I cannot bring myself to complete it. So you can imagine why filing taxes is extra special for me. Lots of forms. 

In the year 2021, we thankfully have easy e-filing websites like TaxAct to help get taxes in on time and the maximum refund guarantee. But still here are 4 things I’d rather do than taxes.

  1. Run a Marathon – Am I in any physical shape to run a marathon? Absolutely not. Does several months of training, chafing, and downing protein powder sound better than doing taxes? Absolutely. Even though TaxAct provides a team of tax experts on demand to answer your questions 7 days a week? Hold on, let me find my running shoes.
  2. Build A Table – Once again, do I have the woodworking expertise to build anything? That’s a no. Will it cost more to buy all the tools and materials to build a bench than buying a pre-made one from a store? 100%. But with TaxAct costing up to 30% less than the top competitor, I might actually have room in the budget for an orbital sander.
  3. Bake A Three-Tier Cake – I love to cook. My family actually says my cooking is pretty good. Even you guys have tried my recipes and said that they are not bad. But somehow my cooking skills do not translate to baking. I’ve tried and it’s no bueno. If I were to actually try to back a multiple tier cake, I would need my in-house expert Lola to talk me through the whole process. Kind of like TaxAct’s E-File Concierge with personalized phone calls to make sure your tax return is approved. Anyways, I’m off to buy some Betty Crocker pre-made batter. Is that cheating?
  4. Learning How To Play Pool – Ahh billiards. I find it so intriguing…the 5 times I’ve seen a pool table in my life. The thing is learning how to play would actually take a lot of effort. First I have to find a place to play. And then I actually have to learn. I hear it’s a lot about aim and accuracy. I also hear TaxAct has a $100k accuracy guarantee but I’m too busy trying not to scratch. (Ha! I used a pool word!)

Ok so taxes are hard, but these things are much harder. With TaxAct, filing is a breeze. They offer ProTips to remind you of opportunities to lower your tax burden. They check for errors and guarantee your maximum refund. I’ll be filing my taxes with TaxAct, right after I finish the triathlon I definitely haven’t been training for.

You can learn more about TaxAct and file your taxes today here: https://www.taxact.com/fileforless