My 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Moms

These may not seem like traditional gifts, but trust me, the mom in your life will appreciate these things.

Casper Pillow

I know a pillow may not seem like a sexy gift, but I say the gift of sleep is a game-changer. Maybe it’s my age showing, but I am very particular about pillows. If we travel and the pillow situation isn’t ideal, I don’t sleep as well. This Casper pillow is my absolute favorite. It’s the perfect amount of fluffiness and support. Penn loves them too, so this makes a great gift for anyone.

Temperature-Controlled Mug

Mornings can be hectic trying to get kids out the door, taking care of the dog, and squeezing in a workout before the workday starts. I lose count of how many times I have to reheat my coffee every morning in between the chaos. I’m adding this temperature-controlled mug to my wishlist to keep my coffee warm the whole morning long.

Goodr Sunglasses

My favorite go-to sunglasses are Goodr sunglasses. They are lightweight and perfect for wearing when I go for walks or runs. Penn and I both wear them so we have a few pairs floating around the house.

Light Therapy Lamp

There’s something about sunshine that just makes you feel better and gives you energy. As we enter the season where it gets dark so early and winter brings gloomy days, this light therapy lamp will add some extra “sunshine” to your life. Again, this may not seem like a traditional “gift” but my lamp is a must this time of year.

Steve Madden Sneakers

I love how it’s become high fashion to pair sneakers with dresses these days. After the pandemic, I may never be able to force myself into heels again. These adorable sneakers are so versatile to wear with jeans, skirts, or to throw on with your favorite soft pants.

Cozy Robe

You can never go wrong with the classic cozy robe. I love that this one is so soft and it has pockets! Even on a robe, I celebrate the presence of pockets.

Oil Diffuser

This oil diffuser can be used anywhere around the house and filled with fresh scents. My favorite is running lavender oil by my bed at night.

Slim Can Cooler

Keep her favorite slim can drink cold in one of these slim can coolers. Bonus points if you buy a case of her favorite drink to go along with the cooler.

House Slippers

I mean, can you really ever go wrong with things that add comfort to your life? My house slippers get worn out from use every single year, so I’m always happy to get a new fresh pair.

Comfy Tees

If you need some inspiration to get you going every day or a good excuse to sit around in your comfy clothes instead of going out with the gals, check out our selection of merchandise in our shop.

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