This Is The Year Of Clarity

Human beings excel at adapting. For better or worse, we find a way to cope and adjust to the world around us. I’m not to say all coping mechanisms are healthy for us, by the way. Just that our bodies try to find ways to deal with its surroundings. For example, when things seem bleak I like to look up real estate in Hawaii and culinary schools. This confuses Penn. He wonders if I really think we are going to blissfully quit our jobs and move to Hawaii so I can cook…and we can quickly go broke. 

Making Big Shifts 

In our podcast this week, we talk to Elyse Snipes who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and podcast host of Trailercast. (Yes that is her in the photo. She is transforming her practice by running her business out of an adorable old trailer.) She is also the Founder of Radical Wellness Collaborative an online platform for modern, holistic wellness. Elyse explained my new Google habit as a way to fixate on getting through hard things. The culinary dream in Hawaii is my way of making a light at the end of a seemingly dark tunnel. It’s my carrot that keeps me going.

The year 2020 has been an evolution from instinct of survival to the evolution of self. This year has exposed a lot of pain points individually and in our society. Before 2020, we were on auto-pilot and now we are forced to examine parts of our life that aren’t working. Elyse has noticed lots of big shifts happening with her clients and those around her. People are re-evaluating their careers, moving to new locations, and ending toxic relationships. 

Finding Your Neutral

Whether you are evaluating a big life choice or just trying to get through the day, it’s important to evaluate your coping mechanisms. Elyse doesn’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to wellness and mental health. Tips like “just put down your phone” don’t always work, especially for the person who disengages in order to cope. The goal is to find your neutral, or your center, to regulate yourself. Life is all about finding that balance.

Elyse specializes in creating unique experiences for people that lead to awareness so they can take meaningful action. You can learn more about her and Listen to our podcast below and tell us what 2020 clarified for you:

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