What Animals Can Teach Us About Being Better Humans


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Penn was feeling in a funk this week, so we had to call in one of our favorite experts to help pull him out. He is one of the most positive and passionate people that Penn knows, Ron Magill. Ron is an Emmy Award-Winning wildlife expert, who has been with Zoo Miami (also known as The Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens) for 40 years. He is currently their Communications Director, and regularly makes television appearances in South Florida and beyond. We ask Ron questions about rehoming our past dog, Ruby, and we learn how things in the animal kingdom might not be so different to how we act as human beings.

Are Females the Stronger Sex?

Elephants are a matriarchal society, meaning the oldest and most dominant female leads the herd. Ron believes that we have a lot to learn from elephants. How elephants socially interact, raise their young, and help one another is something Ron admires. Ron also believe that animals can have complex emotions just like humans do. Animals feel excitement, jealousy, and sadness just like us. This leads into a discussion about why certain dogs have more aggression than others as well as how we could learn from animals about rearing our young. Penn shares an embarrassing story about discipling Lola (I’m seriously crawling under the table as I type this) and Ron gives examples of how animals parent their young. We also discuss our upcoming trip to Africa next summer, which according to Ron, might involve some extra Mommy/Daddy time. 

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