| Jul 2020

What If 2020 Is Good For Us?

What if 2020 is the best thing that ever happened to us? Obviously not the pandemic and getting sick part. And the hurricanes and murder hornets part. But working from home and staying inside and being together. What if 2020 was a lesson in slowing down and taking a look around? I’ve been able to use this time to grow my knowledge in the social justice realm. I’ve learned so much about patience and resilience when it comes to trying to do our work in the confines of our house. And obviously, Penn and I have been able to use our channels in ways we never thought possible.


Rebranding 2020

Lola asked me the other day, “Don’t you feel like 2020 is Hamilton meets Hunger Games?” I thought that was a pretty perfect synopsis. Even though it’s been a dumpster fire, I want to remain positive and hopeful. A lot of success and progress comes out of tragedy. For example, I’ve learned how to roll with things a little bit better. This weekend, we were supposed to be packing for our dream trip to Africa that we’ve been saving up for the last three years. Obviously, that’s not happening. I’ve also learned how to lower my expectations. My kids are alive and well. That means a whole lot more these days.

Penn feels like he has learned a lot more about empathy in spending so much more time with our kids. A year ago if they complained, we might pull out the good ole “back in my day” line. But now, their fear and anger is justified. We are learning to be honest with them and say, “Yeah, I agree. This sucks.”

And lastly, our relationship is stronger. Penn is a person I like being around. I know this may sound shocking. But I can see around me that all this time together is making or breaking some marriages. I’m so glad I found someone who takes one of my suggestions and writes a Hamilton medley about wearing masks in less than 10 minutes.

Penn and I have started to take stances on our social media pages that we haven’t in the past. Not that we didn’t believe it before but because we didn’t want to “rock the boat.” Thanks to 2020 we are learning that it is ignorant and a missed opportunity to not say something. I hope that 2020 is an awakening that will make us better people and a better country. Penn thinks it would be perfect to rebrand 2020 as 20-20 vision – we are finally seeing the world for what it really is.

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