When You Both Want Different Things

Ninety-nine percent of the time I feel like Penn and I have a solid relationship filled with open communication and two mature people asking for what they want. But I won’t lie and say there haven’t been times during our 17 years of marriage where I’ve felt alone. As two people age together, it’s inevitable that there will be times of misalignment. 

There were times when I was extremely focused on personal growth while Penn wanted to focus on our business. And vice versa. We weren’t communicating well so we felt lonely. We decided to prioritize marriage counseling and learned how to tell each other exactly how we were feeling. Luckily it’s been several years since we both felt this way and don’t let those feelings fester.

Answering Your Questions 

On today’s podcast, we continued answering the questions you shared with us on Instagram. You guys had great ones on marriage, so we spent some time sharing our pet peeves and who said “I love you” first. Also, Penn’s desire to create a man purse…which is weird. Do we need a podcast about all his crazy ideas? Tell us what marriage questions we missed!