Where Should We Go Next?

When it comes to our marriage, I would definitely say I’m the big dreamer. I adore a 5-year plan and especially a color-coordinated vision board. But this week’s question gave me pause: “What are some big life goals you want to accomplish?” I think the last two years with the constant worry and fear of the pandemic, politics, and world news, I feel some goal-setting burnout. Don’t get me wrong, I still get really excited about being creative and the work we do every day. I’m just scared to verbalize big dreams that may not be able to come to fruition.

Stamp My Passport

Luckily, Penn was able to help me articulate one major goal we both have – traveling. Actually, I’m pretty sure we are turning our channel into a travel vlog once we are empty nesters. Our only major travel in the last two years was The Amazing Race…and anyone who has been on the show will tell you that it is NOT a vacation. We saw The Alps…out the window of the hotel room we weren’t allowed to leave between filming. So Penn and I are extremely ready to see something else besides the four same walls of our house. The next question is, where should we go next?

We’ve really enjoyed this new format of our podcast and we hope you do too. Please listen to this episode if you want to learn more about my childhood fascination with clowns, our upcoming card game called Family Showdown, and of course, Penn’s fun space fact of the week.

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