| Feb 2014


Thanks to all of you who watched, and commented on, our snow day video. One thing we heard a lot… “EASY ON THE AUTOTUNE!!”
I totally agree. For some reason when I put it together in Garage Band, it didn’t sound nearly so robotic… didn’t even notice it in edit (probably because I was focusing on the video). But yeah, we sound like T-Pain. Awful. That’s what happens when an amateur mixes a song. By the way, without Autotune I sound pretty bad these days – i don’t know if its an Acid Reflux thing or an Asthma thing, but it’s a train wreck.
Next time I record I’ll either leave it out or I’m going to try and enlist professional help, like I did with the guys from Sound Pure a couple years ago. they taught me about just how ubiquitous Pitch Correction is these days, and even used me as a guinea pig – enjoy…. and yes I used way too much gel back then.

  • https://www.facebook.com/pamela.spencer.370 Pamela Spencer

    Actually, I enjoyed the video a lot. It had an amateur overtone I found disarming.

  • http://www.teamurevick.isagenix.com Juli Urevick

    yes the video was hilarious and very timely since our kids have been off a total of 8 days from snowstorms! I read what you said about acid reflux and asthma. Try going gluten free. I developed asthma in my 40s and it got really bad. I went gfree 4 years ago and havent had one asthma attack since then. Just a thought.

  • http://jenniesaia.wordpress.com Jennie Saia

    This only furthers my belief that computers are modern-day magic. Pitch correction is CRAZY!

  • Ann Jobes

    I thought it was great….I am looking at this video for fun and do not expect it to have the “perfect” sound! The cleverness, your children and whoever you can get to help are fantastic. Hey this is FREE enjoyment for me. Please keep it up.

  • http://www.jenniferandersen.typepsd.com Jennifer Andersen

    I wouldn’t change a thing. You guys are great and very inspiring on many different levels – your xmas 2012 video made me realize what an ass I was being to my five year old who’s favourite words are also poop and fart, (I just didn’t want her to be the inappropriate one in class but I guess it’s popular amongst that age group?), your personal fitness goals makes me want to revisit an old love of mine, the 1/2 marathon (it IS possible with small children underfoot) and your gutsy move to self employment in today’s economy – my dream. I honestly don’t watch you for the music (although it’s very cute and catchy – still catch myself singing xmas jammies from time to time!). If it’s music I want I’ll stick to my old favs. For entertainment, comic relief, inspiration and encouragement from fellow 30-somethings also duking it out in the trenches of parenthood, I’ll keep counting on The Greenrrom. You guys are a breath of fresh air!

  • http://dibbledabblesdotcom.wordpress.com Helen

    Never stop making videos. Laughing my ass off.

  • Lisa

    Just keep doing what you’re doing….I have loved every one of your video with or without auto-tune!

  • http://www.babiesheartrun.com Jeremey Bills

    maybe you should start a singing career, you have more talent then alot of the people out there! i really enjoy your page!

  • sheri jordan md

    Let It Go …. it’s the perfect next-to-go=viral Pennternet. Duh, you say?

  • C Smith

    Exactly as others above commentd, pitch-smitch, vid was great! Tho I dont know what i don’t know so keeping me dumb to pitch autotune etc., makes me LOVE ur vids even more! Theyre the best virals out there. And love pennternet now too. U go Kim, Penn, little holderni’s and the neighbor! 🙂

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