20 Perfect Gifts Under $20

Listen, I know you don’t have to give gifts to every person on your list. It takes effort and expense, for sure. But here’s the thing, I LOVE giving gifts. We found some fun, silly gifts to grab online that should work for almost everyone on your list and all under $20!

Mike’s Hot Honey

If you know someone who likes hot sauces and flavoring their food – look no further than a bottle of Mike’s Hot Honey.

Guacamole Bowl

A guacamole bowl that looks like an avocado. Genius. 

Shredder Claws

For your favorite chef, I introduce shredder claws.

Milk Frother

Every latte lover will adore this handheld milk frother.

Channel Kindness Book

Kindness. Lady Gaga. Coffee table book. Check check check. 

Best I Can Mug

Know someone trying their darndest? Grab them this mug.

Lightsaber Chopsticks

Lightsaber chopsticks. Do we need to say any more? 

Snowflake Multitool

This snowflake multitool is a must on every keychain. 

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

A simple and thoughtful gift for many on your list. A Swiss Army pocket knife

Mug Warmer

Look, sometimes coffee goes cold. Grab your buddy a mug warmer

Heated Ice Cream Scoop

Make the trip to the freezer easier with a heated ice cream scoop.

Planet Neon Sign

Liven up a boring office space with this planet neon sign

Sleeping Mask

Sweet dreams are on the way with this sleeping mask

Homesick Holiday Candle

A holiday-scented candle? Sign me up. 

Chili Gardening Kit

Ready to grow your own chilis? Grab this cute little kit

Moon Lamp

A lamp shaped like the moon. Moon lamp

Tangle-Free Earbud Case

This tangle-free headphone holder is a lifesaver for your friend on the go. 

Balloon Dog Phone Stand

This unique balloon dog phone stand will help anyone stand out. 

Star Wars Lego Building Kit

For all ages, grab your loved ones some baby yoda lego bricks.

Mini Waffle Maker

The cutest lil waffle maker you ever did see.

What are you thinking for small gifts this year?

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