| Feb 2019
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Gifts in a Pinch: 2019 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Holderness Valentine's Day

Love is in the air…and a touch of anxiety. Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday to show your love and appreciation for those special folks in your life, but finding the right gift can be tricky. Especially if you waited until the last minute…not that I do that.

Penn and I sat down early this year and came up with some fun ideas that you can get in a pinch (thank you, Amazon!). To make it even easier, we broke it down by interest, so you can quickly the perfect present for your kids, partner, teachers, and more.

Gifts for the eco-conscious…

  • A thoughtful book from your local used bookstore is an easy and quick win.
  • Hyggelight The Growing Candle turns into a flower pot! It is less waste and 100% soy candle that comes with wildflower seeds to plant once the candle is gone..
  • Reasons I love you jar. Upcycle a jar or can (clean it, obviously) and fill it with folded pieces of paper that explain why you love your special someone.

Gifts for the drinker (booze, coffee or whatever)…

Gifts made with love…

Gifts for pets and pet parents…

Gifts for the adventurous…

  • Make memories together and get a gift card for a future adventure. Here’s some ideas: indoor rock climbing, ziplining, paddleboarding, canoe trip, or skiing.
  • This cacoon delivers adventure and relaxing snuggle time!

Gifts Penn and I have gotten each other:

  • You may remember this very permanent gift Penn got me last Valentine’s Day.
  • You can steal this adorable idea and wake your loved one up with a romantic flashback song.
  • And a tip for what NOT to buy your partner…a toaster.

We use Amazon for our shopping and make a small commission on the items we suggest, but we encourage you shop around and find what works for you! Full disclaimer: https://termsfeed.com/disclaimer/73ed0e45ac921abd4078c20bdb3d66a3

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