5 Books for Reading On The Beach

Reading is one of my favorite activities to unwind from a busy day. I truly love letting my mind wander into a new world or into someone else’s footsteps. Usually I switch between non-fiction books on self-help, autobiographies, and popular fiction novels. I even pick up some books I never thought I would read when I buddy read with a friend. However, when it’s time to pack for our annual beach trip…I need light, I need fluffy, and I need love in the air. Summer equals romance, so here are 5 books that are a perfect companion to piña colada under your beach umbrella. 

1. Book Lovers by Emily Henry

You can’t go two steps into the world of romance novels without hearing Emily Henry’s name. Book Lovers is Henry’s third New York Times bestseller after her first two successes: People We Meet On Vacation and Beach Read. Honestly, any three of these novels are a boon for your beach tote, but Book Lovers happens to be her most recent. Plus, who can deny an enemies-to-lovers plot twist. Nobody. Nobody can deny it.






2. Funny You Should Ask by Elissa Sussman

I won’t lie, I picked up this book for its cover alone. The bold font and color caught my eye as I completed my required Barnes and Noble visit the week before our beach trip. But inside I found a heartwarming story of a young journalist getting her big break interviewing Hollywood’s latest heartthrob. Not all the details of their weekend together make it into the final article. What happens when they meet up again 10 years later? This novel has a fresh writing style with pieces of articles and letters interwoven into the chapters.





3. One to Watch by Kate Stayman-London

I never was one to dive into The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchise but you can’t be an Internet Person without knowing a bit about it. One to Watch caught my attention as the story follows Bea Schumacher, a fashion blogger, becoming the first plus-size star of Bachelorette-look alike Main Squeeze. And she’s on a mission NOT to fall in love. I think you can guess what happens next.







4. The Duke and I by Julia Quinn

I have a confession to make. I, Kim Holderness, have read all of the Bridgerton novels. I have no shame for what is there to be shameful of? Reading an incredible series that caught the attention of our queen Shonda Rhimes who produced it into an incredibly popular Netflix series? Having read all of the books, I can confidently say the first one is the best. (And the spiciest, if you’re interested.) Plus, when you read it curled up on your beach chair, you can let your mind imagine the gorgeous Rege-Jean Page as the Duke of Hastings.





5. Something To Talk About by Meryl Wilsner

Named after the incredible song by Bonnie Raitt, this romance novel is about a Hollywood showrunner and her assistant shoved into the spotlight when paparazzi falsely report them as a couple. They aren’t together…but maybe they should be? This book will have you smiling and a great addition to your suitcase if you want to diverse your reading with a queer storyline.






What genres do you like to read on the beach? Any great romance novels that we missed?

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