8 Groovy Songs To Get You Out of Winter Blues

It seems like in the last few weeks the weather has changed drastically. Maybe it’s just here in North Carolina, but I went from wearing t-shirts to bundling up to three layers, a hat, and a scarf! I’ve always been open about my journey with anxiety and depression, and it always feels a bit stronger when the winter months roll around. As many of you know, I have SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. When it’s cold and dark outside, I start to feel similarly inside. Luckily, I know when it’s coming and do my best to address the symptoms, including using a sun lamp and keeping busy. 

One thing that always cheers me up is a good playlist. These eight songs have one thing in common – they are groovy. (Like dancing around your kitchen groovy.) It’s hard not to tap a foot or sway at my desk when I have this playlist on. I hope you find some new music to add to your rotation.

1. “Love So Soft” by Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has had a bit of renaissance recently with her talk show where she covers songs in a segment called “Kellyoke.” Her last non-Christmas album is all the way back from 2017 but it is AMAZING. When I say you can listen to Meaning of Life all the way through – no skips, all bangers. There are several groovy songs on this album, including “Heat” and “Whole Lotta Woman,” but “Love So Soft” takes the cake to get you dancing in your seat.

2. “golden hour” by Jvke

If you’ve spent any time on TikTok, I promise you’ve heard this song. Jvke has gone viral several times by recording people’s reactions to him playing piano. If you are interested in how musicians are using TikTok to market their own music, I highly recommend watching this mini-documentary from Vox.

3. “Cinema” by Harry Styles

I think Lola would be disappointed if I didn’t include at least one song from Mr. Harry Styles. Harry has a lot of groovy songs off his latest Harry’s House album but this one really checks all the boxes. The funky bass line at the end is excellent. I promise you will want to play it back to learn the lyrics and sing along.

4. “Surrender To Me” by FireCityFunk

Zach Montana went viral on TikTok earlier this year when he found out his Dad was in a band in the 70s and had unreleased music. It got so big that the song was released and his dad got to perform on Jimmy Kimmel. I bet if you told his Dad what would happen with his music back then, he would have never believed you. Such a cool story. 

5. “Karma” by Taylor Swift

I try to highlight a lot of new artists in these posts but it’s hard not to include the classics. Taylor Swift’s latest album is filled with songs on love, heartbreak, and revenge. The grooviest of them all is “Karma.” I personally don’t have any enemies but I’m still screaming the lyrics – “Karma’s gonna track you down, step by step from town to town.”

6. “Still Feeling You” by Couch

Okay yes, I also found this band on TikTok. There are 7 members in the band, with a saxophone player AND a trumpet player. (I am a sucker for a good horn section!) The definition of groovy.

7. “Too Well” by Renee Rapp

Renee Rapp got her start on Broadway and is now starring in HBO Max’s Sex Lives of College Girls. In November she released her first EP proving that she is multi-talented. If you are a fan of Hailee Steinfeld or Kelly Clarkson, you’ll love Rapp’s music.

8. “hell yeah” by corook

I actually found this song on TikTok as well. It’s crazy to think a silly video app could lead me to find all these new jams. When I heard the lyrics – “Lookin’ at you, swear it could make Jennifer Anniston want a new face” – I couldn’t stop smiling.

What songs do you put on to groove out and chase the Winter blues away? Share with me!

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