Behind-The-Scenes with Our Team

Penn and I get asked all the time, “How do you make so many videos all by yourselves?” The short answer is, we don’t. It’s not that we aren’t the ones writing, shooting, and editing the content we create. We do all those things. But it would be misleading to say that we do them all alone. Enter Ann Marie Taepke and Sam Allen. They (along with Penn and myself) are the core of our weird little family business. We have other wonderful people who help us, but Ann Marie and Sam are in the trenches daily. This week on our podcast we sit down and allow them to dish all the dirt on what it’s like to work with us.

Finding Our Unicorns

While writing our book with our marriage coach, Christopher Edmonston, he told us that hiring Ann Marie (our CMO and first full-time hire) was the best thing we did for our marriage. We learned quickly that we could get so much more done with a unicorn in our corner. So we went out and found another unicorn who could be our Swiss Army Knife, Sam (our Digital Strategist and Production Assistant.) Ann Marie and Sam are both so talented in their own right. We are so lucky to have them both and hope they never leave us.

If you want to hear the answers to which of our videos we like most, what it’s like working with us, and why the heck we need people to help us do what we do, you won’t want to miss this podcast. Also, as a reminder, we are moving our podcast back to weekly episodes. We’d love to know what guests you want to hear from! Tell us in the comments. 

Happy listening!