Thanks to all of you who watched, and commented on, our snow day video. One thing we heard a lot… “EASY ON THE AUTOTUNE!!”
I totally agree. For some reason when I put it together in Garage Band, it didn’t sound nearly so robotic… didn’t even notice it in edit (probably because I was focusing on the video). But yeah, we sound like T-Pain. Awful. That’s what happens when an amateur mixes a song. By the way, without Autotune I sound pretty bad these days – i don’t know if its an Acid Reflux thing or an Asthma thing, but it’s a train wreck.
Next time I record I’ll either leave it out or I’m going to try and enlist professional help, like I did with the guys from Sound Pure a couple years ago. they taught me about just how ubiquitous Pitch Correction is these days, and even used me as a guinea pig – enjoy…. and yes I used way too much gel back then.

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