Enhance Your Remote Workspace

Now that we have entered Day #9423 of 2020, I’m only just getting the hang of working from home with everyone here. But the chance of me sneaking out to a coffee shop is as likely as pigs flying. (However, I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened…and that it happened in Florida.) Since remote work is likely here for the long haul, I think it’s time to take back your space and make it your own. We know from working from home even before the global pandemic, how important it is to have a space you can feel productive in. 

First Things First

I can’t recommend enough finding a space in your home specifically for working. Sitting on the couch or at the kitchen table could lead to a myriad of distractions. First things first, you need a desk!

Pre-pandemic, I would spread out my computer and documents over the kitchen table. After fending off the kids and their 437 daily snack requests, it became clear I needed a space to hide. I took over a space in what was our playroom,  got this desk online, (of course it’s sold out now) and I’ve been infinitely more productive. 

Check out these options: 

  1. Fold Your Desk Away – If you don’t have a lot of space to work with in your home, this sleek, modern desk can actually be folded away!
  2. Affordable Standing Desk – If you want to adjust the height on your desk throughout the day, this is your best bet!
  3. Lift It Up – If you don’t need a full standing desk, here is a simple laptop stand to elevate your work.

Back Support

Once you have a desk, it’s time for a chair. If you’re like me, the rigid dining room chair is just not cutting it anymore. It’s time for an upgrade.


  1. Keep It Simple – This chair comes in 8 colors and is the top seller on Amazon.
  2. “Gaming” Chair – One of our team members swears by a tall-back “gamer” chair for long hours in front of her screen.
  3. Active Seat – Penn actually uses the Vari Active Seat and loves it. These chairs are great for people who fidget or move while they work.
  4. Ergo? – Ok, I’ve never used this but I am curious about an ergonomic kneeling chair. Would you try it?
  5. Support Pillow – If you already love your chair, but just need some support – grab a lumbar support pillow.

The Accessories

Now that we have the two basics down, it’s time to talk about office accessories, like headphones and lamps.

  1. Cancel the Noise – When it’s time to tune out the outside noise (aka your family), grab some of these headphones.
  2. Scroll Away – For long hours behind a screen it is sometimes helpful to have a separate keyboard and wireless mouse.
  3. Light Your Way – Keep your workspace well-lit with a well-placed lamp. I swear by a sun lamp to keep my mindset positive. This lamp allows you to change the color temperature.
  4. Write It Out – Your thoughts need a place to be written! Grab a simple white board to keep you organized.
  5. Can’t Kill This – Plants make a room come to life. Here are some small plants that you can’t kill…because they are fake. But if you are ready for live plants, I recommend a succulent or two.
  6. Power Protection – And lastly, don’t forget an extension cord!

Anything we missed? What items are helping you focus while working from home? We are in the process of getting the kids’ workspaces set for the school year. Stay tuned for the reveal!

Note: Some of the items in this blog include Amazon Affiliate and other links which earn a small commission.