Favorite Fall Finds 

I’m not one of those people who decorates their house from top to bottom for every season (unless you count yard inflatables), but I do love to add a few touches here and there to bring in the coziness of fall. I usually put a few pumpkins and mums around my porch, but let’s face it, it’s still pretty hot here in North Carolina well into fall and those only last so long before they have rotted and dried up. 

This year, I went online and ordered a few new things to add some pops of fall color that will be sure to last all season long, and I wanted to share my finds with you. 

Porch Pillows

I love the simple stripe of these cushion covers which can take you all the way through the season from first leaf fall to Thanksgiving. I’m a big fan of cushion covers because you can easily wash and store them when you want to switch them out for different seasons. I use these pillow inserts which are suitable for outdoor use. 

Front Door Wreath

I got this wreath to hang on my front door, but it would look just as beautiful hanging inside over a mantle, on a mirror, etc. To hang my wreaths, I like to use either Command hooks or this magnetic wreath hanger

Faux Stems 

Nothing beats the beauty of real flowers on my table, but realistically I want something that’s pretty and I don’t have to take care of. I got a variety of fall stems to place around the house in vases. I love the cozy aesthetic of all of these:


Something about the changing seasons, especially fall, motivates me to whip up new recipes – especially anything that involves soup or baking. These recipe books do double-duty with delicious recipes while also looking gorgeous on your kitchen counter. I like to use a recipe stand similar to this one for displaying a cookbook and to keep my pages open while I’m cooking. 


Apples, pumpkins, cider, spices – all the glorious scents of fall. What is it about a warm smell that can just make you feel instantly cozy? These are my current favorites for around the house: 

Pumpkin Cushion

I put this one last, because, sadly, it looks like this adorable pumpkin cushion is currently out of stock. I wanted to tell you about it though because sometimes Target restocks, and you will want to grab one of these. I have seen similar ones at other stores around town so keep your eye out. 

Here is a similar option that is in-stock! 


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