Hitting The Road & NYT Bestsellers

“Hey babe, guess what?”

We had both gotten the text from our book agent (and dear friend) Byrd, but I was the one to see it first. 

“We’re #2 on the New York Times Bestsellers List.” 

It was one of those amazingly surreal moments in life shared just between the two of us (and our lovely driver James who was shepherding us all over L.A. on the second stop of our book tour.) Through hugs and tears, we celebrated the moment. Reflecting on all of the people who were involved and believed in us when we decided to take on writing ADHD Is Awesome. Making the list was definitely a pie-in-the-sky goal of ours, but we had told ourselves all along that it didn’t matter. As long as we felt good about what we had put out into the universe and people connected to it. That’s by far the most important part. 

But, man, this felt GOOD. 

Hitting The Road

In this week’s podcast, we reflect on the first two legs of the book tour. What we did immediately after finding out about making the NYT Bestsellers list. A really fun star sighting on an elliptical machine (only in LA). And which celebrities or celebrity couples we would like to go on vacation with. (Hint: You have to pick people you’d be comfortable enough to fart in front of. This is key.)

In all seriousness, we are deeply grateful to you and have loved all of the stories you have shared with us. I am immensely proud of my husband for sharing his story. It has been a joy to see the connection he has made with you. We hope that this book gives you some comfort, insight and a very big reminder that ADHD is awesome, because you are. Happy listening.