How to Avoid Financial Blind Spots in Marriage

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Our marriage master, Christopher Edmonston, is back on the podcast this week. Not only do we share some exciting news (Hint: we may be coming to a book club near you!), but we have a heated lively conversation about marriage and money management. Even though it isn’t always fun, a healthy marriage deserves thorough examinations.  

Christopher walks us through blind spots in marriage. It is what he calls the Null Agenda. There are all things couples put off and don’t talk about, because it’s difficult or exhausting. Those avoided chats become blind spots and like driving, you can’t see what’s in your blind spots. It can become a scary bump in the road later. The Null Agenda are the things you aren’t putting on your marriage agenda and it can knock you off your course. Putting things off as an annoyance right now can be a blind spot down the road. Also, the longer you are married, the better you get at playing those games. You may keep a conversation in a blind spot to temporarily get your way. However, you can never avoid the blind spot completely. It will cause a dangerous situation down the road.

Christopher tells us that mature people ask for what they want and need. But how do we go about starting that conversation? Get the script and tips from Christopher’s Null Agenda tactics.

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