If Life Was A Rollercoaster…

Penn’s birthday was last week, and birthdays always make me reflective. We were discussing life, where we’ve been, and what (we think) aging looks like. I’ve always thought of aging kind of like a roller coaster. When you are younger, it feels like that part where you wait in line and keep seeing the carts come by to take the people ahead of you on the ride. At this point in life, I feel like I’m the one on the cart slowly rolling up that first, big hill ahead of you. Not quite “over the hill” but certainly well on the way. 

When I mentioned my roller coaster analogy to Penn, he saw it very differently. His thought was that the first big drop is when all the really fun stuff is happening. That’s the part you’ve been looking forward to! I love this perspective on it, so now we have decided we are just going to rebrand every single new decade we enter as the fun part of life. Hands up, smiles wide, enjoying every new stage as it comes. 

Conversations With Our Younger Self 

Aside from thinking ahead to our future, Penn and I also spent time thinking about our younger selves. What would 10-year-old Penn think of his life now? It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and sometimes forget to really appreciate what you’ve accomplished. I know there’s a lot of hard things in life that really suck, but sometimes you look back and are actually grateful in some way for hard things you’ve been through that led you to where you are today. 

Eyelids And Other Things 

We recorded all of my birthday questions for Penn on this week’s podcast episode, so you can tune in at one of the links below to hear all of our life reflections. Maybe you can use some of the questions as conversation starters in your home. 

On a side note (and part of the aging process) Penn has an eyelid surgery soon, because they are impairing his vision. Have you had this done? What do we need to know? (He’s going to be awake for the surgery – that would be a hard pass for me!)

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