| Oct 2015

I’m a nutrition hypocrite.

I admit it. I send my kids to school with organic fruit and sandwiches on sprouted wheat bread. They enjoy treats occasionally, but they know candy is not a healthy option.
Then there’s me. The minute Halloween candy becomes available I buy bags and bags “for the children” I say. Ha!
I pry open those bags in the car. I say, “I’ll have just one.” Lies. All lies.
While my kids are enjoying a healthy snack of carrots and hummus I’m face first into a bag of candy in the pantry.

Well, here’s our latest video where I announce to the world, I am a nutrition hypocrite to a parody of one of my favorite songs from my college days.
*** Don’t forget to watch our Halloween special on October 23rd, at 9pm on UPtv!

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