I’m a YES Mom All of a Sudden

I have always been a “eat your broccoli” and “do your homework first” kind of mom. I enforce bedtimes and screen times limits. We have always set expectations that our children treat us and others with respect and kindness. A friend once said that I “run a tight ship.” I don’t think she meant it as a compliment, but I smiled and said “THANK YOU!”   

But the last few months have been one giant buzzkill for kids. Everything they look forward to has been canceled or changed so drastically that it’s downright depressing. Yes, they are healthy and have so much to be thankful for, but it’s like their childhood has been put on pause.

Sports? Canceled. 

Camps? Canceled.

Sleepovers? Canceled.

School? NOT canceled but it looks so different that the “school” they love. 

It’s Time to Say Yes

With so many “NOs” coming at them every single day, I’m shocking even myself with how often I’m saying “yes” to their requests. Here are some recent examples: 

Kid #1: Can I stay up a little later to watch this show?

Me: Yes!

Kid #2: Can I have ice cream for the 3rd time this week?

Me: Yes!

And get this one….

Kid #1: Can I get a second piercing in my ear? 


That last one surprised even me. Lola was so confused by my immediate approval that she stood there locked in a frozen position. She was prepared to provide reasons why this type of self-expression is safe and healthy, how she saved her allowance to pay for the process, but I cut her off and drove her straight to the piercing place in the mall.

She was so excited she forgot to be nervous they WOULD BE SHOOTING A SHARP NEEDLE INTO HER EAR LOBE! But of course, because she’s brave beyond her years, she didn’t even flinch. 

Though she was wearing a mask, I could tell she was smiling. With life of pause the last six months, I feel like I haven’t seen my girl so excited in a long time. I wanted to keep her smiling! I wanted to be the “YES” mom again! 

So I asked if she wanted to dye her hair purple. She replied, “I think you’re taking the ‘cool mom’  thing too far.” Lesson learned. Baby steps. I may never be the mom who keeps a pantry full of junk food, but I’m finding ways to make this year suck a little less. So excuse me, I have to go order pizza… again. 

In what ways are you saying yes more? Tell me below in the comments! 

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