Learning to Forgive and Trust in Relationships

Holderness Trust Podcast

Trust is one of the holy grails of human relationships. So, when that trust is violated, whether through addiction, withholding information, infidelity or something else entirely, regaining it is imperative, but not easy. We have tackled building and maintaining trust in this past episode, but this time we brought in a professional to guide us through regaining it. So, please join us in welcoming back Christopher Edmonston – counselor, pastor and overall relationship guru.

Trust & Forgiveness

Christopher talks about the shame, ongoing struggle and half-hearted forgiveness around losing trust. He walks us through some scenarios that shine a light on the thinking and steps you can take to move forward. However, spoiler alert here, the key takeaway is that you can’t do it alone. Working with your partner, friend or family member, and seeking professional help is an effective way to move forward through trust issues.

A Personal Trust Story

I share a recent story that was a bit embarrassing and Penn could have been upset with me. Christopher explains why I was able to be honest with Penn and the importance of his reaction. He uses the story to tell us exactly how you seek the truth, ask for forgiveness, and execute performance over time.

We hope you enjoy this podcast. We all seek trust and often need to work on it. It’s all part of being flawed and beautiful humans. Here’s how you tune in!

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