May is the new December | #Maycember

may is the new december

May disguises herself with her pretty flowers, her mild weather, and all those chirping birds.

But don’t let May fool you. May is a bitch.  Just like her warped sister, December, May gives us so many wonderful occasions and people to celebrate. And just like December, who plans and organizes those events and tasks? Yep. You do.

May and I used to have a good relationship. But like my under-eye circles and stretch marks, I blame my children for my failure to function in this once-glorious month.

may is the new december

End of year sports banquets that requires a covered dish? May.

End of year class parties that need volunteers? May.

Finding the perfect gift for your amazing teachers? May.

Field trips that require chaperones? May.

Big, impossible projects that a 3rd grader needs to complete? May.

Planning summer childcare? May (though I should have done this in March).

An abundance of health forms, permission slips, homework calendars that need to be signed, notarized? May.

Oh, and a new client that needs work completed ASAP? May. Because of course.

But here’s the thing, like December, I’ll remember May fondly. I’ll look back on the pictures from Lola’s field trip and I will be so happy I signed up to chaperone. I won’t remember I had to stay up until 2am to finish two projects with deadlines the following day. Penn Charles will be so excited when I make his favorite (5 cheese macaroni cheese) for his sports banquet. The paperwork for the 14 different summer camps we will need as childcare this summer?   Well, I’ll remember that. That sucked. But,  we can do this! We can survive #Maycember.  Now pass the hot glue gun, I have a 3rd grade history project to finish.