Must-Haves for Summer 2022

Summer is officially here and our family kicked it off early with a lovely trip to the beach. Whether you are vacationing somewhere sunny, lounging by the pool, or just spending hours outside watching your favorite people play sports, these products are my current favorite must-haves for comfort and protection. I also included a few of my favorite around-the-house items for summer.


  • Madewell Kerchief – I’m super into these neck scarves right now. They are very Diane Keaton-esque. I like the size and material of these particular ones. 
  • Sunscreen – This sunscreen is a bit spendy, but it’s one that my kids actually will easily wear so I feel like it’s worth it. Bonus points that it’s reef friendly as well. 
  • Tinted moisturizer with SPF – My daily go-to for face moisturizer with SPF and a tint of color. Perfect for hot, sunny days. 
  • Sunscreen face stick – My kids have always preferred a face stick sunscreen because it doesn’t run down in your eyes like a cream sunscreen when you sweat or get in the water. I keep one of these handy in all of my bags for pool, beach, and outdoor sports games. 
  • Sandals – These are my summer flip flops for basically everything – pool, beach, and errands around town. 
  • Everyday sun hat – I love this sun hat for more of an everyday look. It’s a good size for wearing around town or short events outside. 
  • Spendy beach hat – This hat was my beach vacation souvenir this year. I wanted something with a wide brim to keep my face protected while in the sun all day. Also, I particularly love this one because it has a special band around the inside that keeps it on my head even when the ocean breeze is blowing. 
  • Budget friendly beach hat – This hat is also a great, more budget-friendly, option for a sun hat with a wider brim, but with a string to keep it secure in the wind. 
  • Scalp spray – I learned the hard way that it’s easy to forget about protecting the skin on top of your (or your kid’s) head. This spray is great for your hair part, goes on clear, and doesn’t make your hair greasy. It’s another one I keep around for whether we are at the beach or at a tennis tournament. 
  • Power washer – Why is power washing anything so satisfying? This little washer is quick and easy to use and small enough to store easily. I love having this around for cleaning up our outdoor spaces. 
  • Washer wand – For an even easier and quick power wash, this hose attachment tool is so convenient. I can spray down a dirty window or wash the bird poop off my car with a quick squirt from my hose. 
  • Smores sticks – No firepit is complete with making smores. We love these extendable sticks for roasting marshmallows or hotdogs, and the rubber handles keep the ends from getting hot. 
  • Shell collection bags – I feel like it doesn’t matter if you are 3 or 73, there’s just something fun about walking along the beach and looking for a special shell treasure. We always pack these bags for our beach trips to put our collection in as we walk. The mesh material makes it easy to rinse the sand off as well. 
  • Cold brew coffee maker – With summer temperatures, I don’t want a hot drink in the afternoon, but an ice cold coffee is such a nice refresher. This super easy cold brew coffee maker allows you to keep a stash of coffee in the fridge anytime you need a pick-me-up. 
  • Sand resistant towel – No one likes the feeling of wrapping up in a towel only to be covered with scratchy sand. These sand resistant towels are lightweight and fast drying and make a great addition to your beach bag. 

What are your summer must-haves or products I should know about? Tell me in the comments. 

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