Parenting Gets Easier, Right? 

When Penn and I became parents, we had no idea what we were in for. When the newborn or toddler stage got hard, we’d make finish lines for ourselves to get through it. We’d say things like “Once they sleep through the night, everything will get easier.” Or “Once they are fully potty trained, going places will be so much better.” We didn’t even realize until recently that we kept moving the goal post. Don’t get us wrong, being a parent is the most rewarding job either one of us have ever had. But we started wondering… does parenting ever really get easier? 

One day I was talking to my Mom about one of our ‘finish lines’ and how once they accomplished that milestone I wouldn’t worry as much. She laughed out loud. “Kim, you’re 40 and I still worry about you,” she explained. That’s the stuff they don’t tell you when you sign up to be a parent. You will worry about them… forever. 


Potty Training vs Driver’s Ed

Someone who knows this subject all too well are our good friends, Taylor and Heidi Calmus from Dude Dad. We had Taylor and Heidi on the podcast this week to compare parenting notes and hear all about their busy life as a family of five. Since we are in different stages of parenting life, we also played a game of “Would You Rather” that you won’t want to miss. Taylor just launched a brand new show on Magnolia Network called Super Dad as well! You can check it out here.

What stage of parenting are you in? Does it get easier? Listen to the episode and let us know! 






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