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Holderness Podcast Questions Answered

From ADD to parenting, we cover a vast majority of your questions on this week’s podcast. For some reason, you all think we can give you advice on work, parenting and marriage. It’s a big responsibility, but we tried our very best with sincere and genuine answers. 

Landing the Mommy Helicopter

My job as a parent is to give Lola and PC more independence. That independence means I have to land the mommy copter and let them do things for themselves. Summer camp presented the perfect opportunity to let something go…like packing their own bags. I gave them the lists and held them accountable until we pulled into the campground. Did they remember everything? Did it start to rain and they didn’t pack the rain boots clearly spelled out on their lists? Yep. Am I resisting going on Amazon and sending them rain gear? You betcha. Penn and I talk through this transition period and the real-to-goodness struggles that come with it.

You Down with ADD?

We have talked about Penn’s ADD in the past, and even made a music video about it. However, we were asked how it has impacted him at different times of his life, which is a great question. He talks about when he was diagnosed and the strategy he uses to stay on track. When it comes down to it, ADD is a gift and that is how we view it. 

We also talked about caring for aging parents and tackling tough convos with the kids. Thank you for being interested in our experiences and open to hearing our advice. We always appreciate your questions. 

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