Supporting A Partner with ADHD

It’s taken me a lot of years to give grace to Penn and his struggles with ADHD. Not that I don’t love him, I just didn’t always understand it. If you’ve been following us here for a while, you know that we both openly talk about our mental health challenges. I’m sure Penn would say the same thing about supporting me with my bouts of anxiety and depression. Supporting each other’s mental health has taken a lot of time and practice.

During our time on The Amazing Race, I have been very proud of Penn for sharing the positive side of ADHD. In certain circumstances, it can truly be a superpower, and honestly, it is the reason we can do what we do as content creators. 

The Other Side of ADHD

However, there is another side to ADHD. The side where I have driven 2 hours to the beach to bring Penn a spare set of keys only to find the missing set on the top of his car. Or more recently, when Penn left his carry-on suitcase (the only piece of luggage he packed) in the airport and didn’t realize it until we’d reached our final destination. 

This week we talk about how we both support each other’s mental health struggles, starting with Penn’s ADHD. Next week we will talk about my battles with anxiety and depression. Do you struggle with ADHD? How do your loved ones help support you? Tell us in the comments.

Happy listening:

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