| Oct 2019

What You Need to Know About Tackling Teenager Transitions

Penn Lola Holderness

Teenage transitions are not for the faint of heart. While they may not come with a manual, we got the next best thing with Lisa Heffernan and Mary Dell Harrington. They are moms, friends, and creators of Grown & Flown, a website turned into book for parents with teenagers. They started a website when their children were in high school. They offer resources and help for tweens, teens and college-aged daughters and sons. They dish their best advice on the show.

Teenage Transitions

Lola comes home from sports after school, heads straight to her room for homework and I feel like I never see her. This transition is a bit jarring for both of us. She is facing tougher life choices, sports and academics. And I miss her and feel a bit unsure of the best ways to help her without being a helicopter parents. Lisa and Mary tell us why they think that term is overused and how we may be overthinking it.

Kick the College Talk

A lot of  schools start talking about college in seventh grade. Seventh grade! Our podcast guests talk about the dangers of making high school all about getting into college and how it robs them of the high school experience. They explain the importance of keeping your home a safe zone from college pressure.

You also don’t want to miss Penn’s turn at giving a disclaimer. After his epic performance, we dive into financial discussions with Greg Petterson. Debt, how to save for college, planning for retirement, and all the money things – we tackle it all. 

Sit and back and enjoy!

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