Ode to teachers: Thank you for not selling my children online

Last week we got one of “those” calls from PC’s teachers. In her sweet voice, she told me how he had a rough day. “It’s like he’s been shot out of a canon while on double espresso shots,” she claimed. I totally believe her. Can you imagine teaching more than a dozen kids like my son? And still returning to work the next day?
This is why I believe teachers should be paid more than politicians, more than TV stars, more than a YouTuber mom who works a day job at a production company (that’s me… teachers should definitely make more than me).

Penn and I were raised by teachers. We saw how much time it took to grade papers, write lesson plans, PREPARE FOR TESTS, and then have to another job to make the mortgage. They did it because they loved it. I think, like a minister is called to preach, our mothers were called to teach.

So this is why our last two videos were hands down our favorite we’ve ever done. We were contacted by Target to help in their #ThanksABillion campaign. They asked, “Do you have a teacher who has impacted your life? Want to give his/her school $10,000.00?” After I finished shrieking with happiness we knew exactly who we’d honor.

Lola, like many, struggled with reading at first. While in first grade, things just weren’t clicking for her like others in her class. It became pretty obvious she was falling behind. I freaked. “If she’s falling behind in the first grade, how will she get into college?!” Her sweet, patient teacher, Ms. Khan talked me off the ledge and offered to work with her after school. Every. Single. Day. She had new lesson plans for each session, and for about 20-30 minutes Lola, and whoever else needed help, got the boost they needed. Lola worked with Ms. Khan like this for 6 months. I asked her, of course, how much do I owe you? This was her answer: “This is my job. This is what teachers do. I won’t take your money.” Can you imagine, doing extra work at your job every single day — and not wanting to be compensated?
Ms. Khan is an angel. So we surprised her last week, check out the video:

And here’s our End of School Year Anthem, dedicated to all the teachers who love and educate our children.
Thank you for another year of patience and dedication:

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