Top 8 Easy Punny Halloween Costumes 

Because of this weird job that we do, we have an attic space filled with costumes and wigs. Hotdog costume – check. Inflatable blueberry person – check. Dracula – check. But out of any of that getup, Penn’s favorite costume is anything that involves some sort of punny humor, especially if it’s got a bit of a nerdy edge to it.

If you are looking for a simple yet funny costume, we’ve got some ideas for you. Can you guess what they are? 

#1 Put on this grandma wig. Print out a picture of the Instagram logo and attach it to a scarf or shawl draped around your shoulders. What am I?

#2 Wear this worm headband. Carry around a book (or even multiple books!) with you. What am I?

 #3 Dress in a white button down shirt and jeans. Wear a pair of glasses, and attached Smarties candy all over your jeans. What am I?

#4 Wear a cheerleading outfit. Print out a sign that says, “Go Ceiling!” to carry around. What am I?

#5 Put on a bacon costume. Write the name “Kevin” on a name tag or piece of paper and attach it to your chest. What am I?

#6 Dress in a suit or fancy attire. Put on your best serious expression and walk around carrying a plate with a steak on it. What am I?

#7 Wear a kitchen apron. Print off the letters “Fe” and attach to your apron. Feel free to also carry around a spatula, spoon, or kitchen pan. What am I?

#8 Attach these green leaves all over your upper body. Print out several prime numbers (this is for you math lovers) and attach them to your upper body. What am I?


Answers: Instagram, Bookworm, Smartie Pants, A Ceiling Fan, Kevin Bacon, An Important Stakeholder, Iron Chef, Amazon Prime

Bonus List 

These didn’t make our top 8, but here are a few more punny ideas you can try if you need a last minute costume idea: 

#9 Party Animal – wear any party outfit and an animal face mask or animal ear headband. This would be cute for a group. 

#10 Pig In A Blanket – wear pig ears and nose with a blanket wrapped around you 

#11 Spice Girl – put on a kitchen apron and attach some spice jars (or even just a photo of spices). This one would also be good for a group. 

#12 Hawaiian Punch – wear your favorite hawaiian shirt and a pair of boxing gloves

#13 Taco Bell – dress in a yellow princess outfit and carry around a taco (bonus, you get tacos!) 

#14 Cotton Candy – wear a solid color shirt. Attach cotton balls and your choice of candy all over the shirt. 

#15 Greek Yogurt – drape a sheet over you as a toga. Make a banner or sign that says ‘yogurt’ to wear across the toga. 

#16 Bare Minimum – literally just any regular clothes paired with a bear ear headband 

#17 Pumpkin Pie – wear a pumpkin costume with a print out of the pi (π) symbol attached. You can also make this one a cute couples outfit with one person as the pumpkin, and the other person with the pi symbol attached to their shirt. 

Which punny costume is your favorite? Do you have any others we should know about? 

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