Valentine’s Day Gifts You Can Amazon Prime

Penn and I have this tradition with Valentine’s Day. We always say, “Don’t get me anything” then 100% of the time he gets me something. This year I won’t be fooled! But I also don’t plan ahead.

Luckily, we live in an era where awesome gifts can be ordered with 2-day free shipping right to your door with Amazon Prime. Crisis averted. Here are six handpicked gift ideas for him and her that you can order in time for Valentine’s Day!


Penn and I wear house slippers all the time. It’s so satisfying to kick-off your shoes when you get home and slip into something cozy. It’s like flannel pajama pants for your feet.


I love a cute cross-body bag for date night or going on trips out of town. This cute blush shade is a great Valentine’s Day gift for a special lady in your life.


In my opinion, one of the best gifts you can give is the gift of relaxation. Give your lady this fancy salt bath set and an afternoon off of Mom duty. Trust me, she will thank you.






Help him relax after a long day, or an epic tennis match with the neighbor (oh just Penn? Cool, cool, cool.) This cold relief massage ball helps reduce inflammation and has an easy grip so you don’t freeze your fingers.


IPA lover who loves a punny t-shirt? Let your man know it’s ok that beer is what really makes him happy. Order this and pick up a 6-pack of something new from the store for a low-key but thoughtful gift.


If your partner is anything like Penn, he breaks and loses sunglasses like it’s his job. From the looks of this, he wasn’t the only one. Foldies are classic sunglasses that fold in half to easily fit in your front pocket so you never lose or break your sunglasses again.


*This is not a sponsored post by Amazon Prime, however, we are an Amazon affiliate.

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