We Weird Job So Hard

People always ask us what it’s like to do our job. We get it. It’s a weird way to pay the mortgage.  In the beginning, our family always worried about how we were paying the bills because they assumed making silly internet videos didn’t pay. (And honestly, there have been times that it hasn’t.) It has been a journey navigating this business, and it’s certainly ever-evolving as technology changes. No matter how strange it is, I love this career we’ve made, even if it’s not your typical 9-5. 

Bathing Suit Fashion Show

Our version of a business seminar is when we get to sit down with other creators and share our non-traditional job experiences. Sometimes a creator’s day includes things like trying on bathing suits for everyone to see or having what feels like the whole world comment on your decision to get bangs, but in the end, our goal is to brighten someone’s day with a few laughs. We were excited to swap stories with fellow creators Kristin Hensley & Jen Smedley from #IMOMSOHARD on this week’s podcast to learn how these two brilliantly funny women got their start. (We guarantee these ladies will make you laugh, we did PLENTY of times in this interview.)

You can find Kristin and Jen on the #IMOMSOHARD: Getaway Tour at www.imomsohard.com. (I’ve seen their last show and it’s insanely fun!  Also be sure to check out their very own line of wine, Accomplice, and their new children’s book, The Meanest of Meanies

What’s something weird you have to do at your job? Let us know and happy listening! 


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