What It’s Like To Be Our Kids

Imagine coming home from school and having an important conversation with your Mom… while she holds an inflatable turkey dressed up as a Grandma for a Thanksgiving video. (True story.) You try to keep a straight face, but ultimately you can’t help but laugh (or get frustrated) at the absurdity of it all. Your Mom and Dad do not have normal jobs.

Obviously, that example doesn’t happen every day, but some days our job is weird. Penn is singing on the top of his lungs in our attic. I’m making up dance choreography in our kitchen. There are some advantages: We have flexibility in our schedule and we get to do more together as a family. This week (for the first time ever!) we have both of our kids on the podcast to tell you what it’s really like to be our kids.

Who Has More Life Skills?

Our kids answer all your burning questions, including if they get recognized, what it’s like to live at our house, and how much we embarrass them. (I mean, what pre-teen/teen isn’t embarrassed by their parents.) We also ask some funny questions like which parent they would take to a desert island and why. Hint: It’s not the Eagle Scout of the family. 

Did you have a question for Lola or Penn Charles we didn’t answer? Let us know in the comments if we need to do Part 2!


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