What The Golden Bachelor Has Taught Me About Aging

Sometimes the internet thinks it knows you. Every feed I scroll, every website I visit, I’m being targeted with advertisements that promise to ward off aging. Creams that will reverse time and clothes that will hide lumps and bumps. The internet thinks I don’t want to age. Hear this, internet algorithms: YOU’RE WRONG!

I (gasp) like the wrinkles around my eyes. I earned those with years of smiles and laughter. My body is changing, but it’s accomplished so much. It grew two entire humans! Sure, I love a good face cream, but I have zero desire to be 22 again. I just wish the internet would realize this. I know so many women are like me. We are looking for ways to be empowered in the aging process – not more and more reasons to be afraid of it. 


I’ll admit. I’m just now jumping on the bandwagon. Personally, I’ve not been a follower of the original Bachelor format. I have friends who are devoted to the entire franchise, it’s just not for me. But when I saw the network promote a 72-year-old man looking for love in a crowd of confident, older women, I was intrigued. 

Gerry (The Bachelor) is an emotionally intelligent widower. The women are mature, and supportive and have me genuinely looking forward to getting older. After all, aging isn’t guaranteed. Aren’t we lucky to have the privilege of getting older?

Here are 5 reasons why The Golden Bachelor has me looking forward to getting older: 

1. You don’t have to be Invisible: According to my Instagram feed, the world only pays attention if we’re young. In a typical season of the show, I’m told, when someone leaves or is eliminated, the camera catches them in the car crying and cursing the man who didn’t give them a rose. When a contestant named Joan had to leave the show for a family emergency, she says straight to the camera, “I hope one of my good friends back there gets to spend their life with him because I think he’s worth it. My heart maybe got a little fixed from Gerry. Because as you get older you become more invisible. People don’t see you anymore. Like you are not as significant as when you were young.” Cue the tears. Joan put into words what so many feel and yet a show like this is displaying to the world that age is just a number. Aging is beautiful. 

2. No Frail Bones Here: I’ve been told by many people that if you can only watch one episode of this season, make it the pickleball one. While the ladies make jokes about hip replacements and bad knees, the actual pickleball playing is fierce and competitive. It gives me hope that if I keep at it, I could actually get better with age. I’m here to tell you, I’ve had my butt KICKED in pickleball by older women. In fact, if I see a gray-haired Granny with knee braces walk on the court I know I’m toast. 

3. No Shame: While one lady is out on a date with Gerry, the other ladies are back at the mansion playing Never Have I Ever. The one beautiful thing about getting older is it seems you really have zero effs to give. These women openly talk about all the salacious and silly things they’ve done over the decades. As they giggle, it’s obvious that they are looking back at their life with happiness. 

4. Breaking Down Stereotypes: The first episode of any Bachelor franchise starts with limo entrances. Leslie’s entrance is a great example of smashing perceptions of “older” people. She comes out in a muumuu and a walker, only to throw it to the side and reveal a black, lacy dress. These women are spicy and sexy and owning their bodies. I’m here for it. 

5. It’s Not Over: Gerry, the leading man on the show, is very open about his emotions, especially about losing his wife to cancer.  It’s sad to say, I have several friends who are enduring divorce right now. The cast of this show is setting a good example of not giving up hope at finding love at any age. 

So just as I’m rooting for Taylor and Travis to make it…I sincerely hope Gerry finds his person on the Golden Bachelor finale in a few weeks.